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TIPS about lipo battery Q1-Q3
Time : 2018/4/24    Clicks : 763    Public:Legend of Lipos

Q1.What are the differences between high C-rate and low C-rate lithium polymer(Li-Po)batteries

In general,the differences lie in the materials made of the positive & negative terminals ,the area density design,the electrolyte ingredient, the septum data and the density of inside pieces

Q2.How is a Li-Po battery made ?

When a Li-Po battery is made ,five main aspects should be considered carefully :(1)Battery pack should have sufficient strength ,so that the polymer battery inside could be effectively protected from mechanical shocks;(2)The polymer cell should be fixed to the battery pack on its large surface area - no cell movement in the battery pack should be allow ;(3)No sharp edge components should be inside the pack containing the polymer battery , and meanwhile ,sufficient insulation layer between wiring and the cell should be used to maintain multiple safety protection;(4)Ultrasonic welding is recommended for polymer tab connection to obtain low-resistance,high-reliability and light-weight properties;(5)Polymer packs should be designed carefully so that no shear force is applied,and also ,no heat is generated even when leakage occurs for mishaps.PCM from electrolyte leakage should be isolated as perfectly as possible,and narrow distance between bare circuit patterns should be avoided.

Q3.What gases are generated in the formation process, Are they dangerous ?

The generated gases include CO,CO2,H2,CH4 and so on .They are not dangerous because of low volume .




锂聚合物电池制造时,应注意五个主要方面:(1)电池组应具有足够的强度,以使聚合物电池内部可有效防止机械冲击;(2)聚合物电池应固定到大面积的电池组时 - 不允许电池组中的电池移动;(3)在包含聚合物电池的组件内不应有尖锐的边缘组件,同时,布线与电池之间应有足够的绝缘层用于保持多重安全防护;(4)建议采用超声波焊接方式进行聚合物接头连接,以获得低电阻,高可靠性和轻质性能;(5)聚合物包装应仔细设计,以免施加剪切力并且即使发生泄漏也不会产生热量。电解质泄漏的PCB应尽可能完全隔离,并且应避免裸露电路图案之间的狭窄距离。