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Classification of three yuan lithium battery
Time : 2018/3/31    Clicks : 720    Public:Legend of Lipos

polymer, organic solvent and lithium salt. It is made by mixing organic electrolyte and solid polymer matrix. Because of the existence of gelation state and the advantages of both solid electrolyte and liquid electrolyte, the electrolyte is limited in the polymer chain and has high ionic conductivity (up to 10-3S/cm) in a wider range of temperature. The biggest advantage is that the diaphragm has high mechanical strength, and the film provides a large surface area. The thinner the film is, the higher the energy density is, because more active materials can be embedded in the battery. In addition, its electrochemical stability is also excellent, and it is high temperature resistant. Most of the high-temperature batteries on the market use polymer electrolytes.

Three yuan power lithium battery
The so-called power battery refers to the battery supporting high rate and large current discharge, high power density, and more energy released in unit time.  The rate of discharge capacity refers to the capacity of battery capacity in the case of increased charge and discharge rate. The rate of charge and discharge is expressed by xC. 1C means that the nominal capacity of battery can be used in 1H, while the rate of discharge at 2C is 30min.

The power / multiplex performance of the battery is closely related to the design of the battery, which is influenced by many factors, such as electrolyte, diaphragm, type of active material, size of active particles and so on. Among these factors, the thickness of electrode is the main factor that affects the capacity of large current discharge. The capacity of multiple discharge can be greatly improved by thinning the electrode, because the thin electrode has smaller electronic impedance and ion impedance. However, the thinning of the electrode leads to less active mass in the electrode, so the capacity of the battery will be reduced. Therefore, the main technical challenge of the three element power lithium battery is to increase the capacity of large current discharge without reducing the capacity.

For three yuan power lithium battery, the most research is at present. The most mature technology is Japanese Panasonic Corp. The 30C discharge can be realized in the experiment stage. The discharge rate of the power type 18650 three yuan lithium battery has been successfully realized commercially, and the discharge rate of the battery can reach 12C and the capacity is up to 3300mAh.  There is also a higher discharge rate in China, but the stability of the battery remains to be improved, especially after a period of use, its cycle life and discharge capacity will be greatly reduced. It has been reported that the rate performance of lithium battery can be improved by means of particle coating and modification.

Three yuan low temperature lithium battery
The temperature characteristic of battery is the indicator of battery reliability, and the performance of battery can also be evaluated by changing the ambient temperature. The characteristics of the low temperature lithium battery are mainly from the characteristics of low temperature discharge and the cycle life. The most important thing is to keep the fluidity of the material under the low temperature condition, so that the lithium ion can shuttle freely between the positive and negative poles and realize the charge and discharge of the battery. For example, using a low melting point electrolyte to reduce the particle size of the active material will enhance the low temperature performance of the battery, which is due to the increase of the lithium ion channel, to a certain extent, to compensate for the slow movement of lithium ion at low temperature.

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