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The overall level of lithium battery in China is still far from the developed countries
Time : 2018/3/31    Clicks : 782    Public:Legend of Lipos
2013 supply will reach 4 billion. Lithium battery energy density and light weight is the key to expanding demand in the future. In particular, the market expansion of "gadgets" for general consumers that can perform multi-tasking in recent years has led to an increase in the demand for lithium batteries with high energy density and small weight.
In addition to the traditional main applications such as notebook computers and mobile phones, new applications such as electric hardware, other consumer electronics, light electric vehicles and electric vehicles have injected a high degree of growth momentum into lithium batteries and will become the total output value of lithium batteries in 2016 Challenge 100 billion dollars in the main promoter. The rise of these emerging applications not only accelerates the expansion of demand for lithium batteries, but also helps the lithium battery industry to get rid of the single industry cyclical impact of consumer electronics products such as notebook computers and mobile phones.
In terms of the volume of products of different shapes, the cylindrical shape is 46%, the square shape is 41%, and the polymer shape (with aluminum case battery) is 13%. Cylindrical laptop battery more with 4 or 6. New markets for power tools are emerging and each machine is also equipped with multiple batteries. In the case of square batteries, cell phones are especially helpful for low-cost models available in emerging market countries. Lithium-ion polymer battery cell phone sales as the center has been expanding.
According to the "2014-2018 China Lithium Battery Industry Market Research Report" released by Shangpu Consulting, 49% of handsets, 36% of laptops and 4% of digital cameras are used for different applications.
China's lithium battery industry, low-tech products account for a large proportion, far can not meet the needs of all aspects of the downstream. Some special features of high-end products are still mainly dependent on imports.
In addition, one of the biggest problems in the development of our country is redundant construction. When a new product or technology comes out, it will soon imitate and compete with each other. In a very short period of time, it will oversupply and compete with a lower price. In general, China's lithium battery in the overall technical level, innovation, equipment and management level with the developed countries there is still a certain objective gap.